Falabella Horses For Sale at Sandbeck Stud

Our gorgeous Falabella horses and foals are currently for sale, so if you're thinking of buying a horse you've come to the right place. We love and nurture our horses and take very good care of them - animals are our passion and we make every effort to treat them as they deserve. We have years of experience living on our farm with these horses, which makes us experts in raising and rearing them.

We pride ourselves on our horses being in extremely good condition due to the attention we pay to them. They come in a range of colours, from a deep chestnut to spotted or plain black.

Intelligent, trainable and gentle, Falabella horses are excellent additions to any family.

They are wonderful companions and can live up to 45 years, which is particularly long for a horse. They are strong and capable and can be trained to drive if necessary. Otherwise they can be used for jumping or dressage, in addition to being ridden by small children.

Typically reaching up to 32 inches in height, these are some of the smallest horses in the world. As foals they can be as small as 12 inches, which is why they're known as miniature horses. However, they are not to be confused with ponies.

Due to their size, they're only ridden by very small children, and thanks to their gentle and loyal temperament they are the perfect horses for children. Much less scary to mount than a full-sized horse if it's your child's first or second time.

Even if your kids are grown up, and even if they're not interested in riding, they'll forge a beautiful relationship with these horses, which is why we recommend investing in them.

We only put our Falabella horses up for sale to future owners looking for a new companion for life.

Come and pay us a visit on our friendly farm and get to know our lovely horses so you can make the right choice for you.

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