22nd February

Foal 1. In June 2016, we purchased Faberge a beautiful Falabella from her breeder. at this time, they didn’t know if she had been covered by their stallion, so we thought it would be a surprise if and when a foal came. She was tested positive in foal later in the year, so knew we could look forward to a foal we just didn’t know when it would arrive.

To our surprise when visiting the mares on the morning of Wednesday 22nd February little Princess Merdia Brave was laid out in the middle of all the cooing aunties, she had arrived much earlier than we thought! She is a beautiful foal very friendly and lots of attitude. She is for sale and can be seen on our Falabella Pages.

The rest of the foals will arrive at the end of April early May, so look forward to adding to this page.

17th April

We brought the pregnant mares closer to the house today in preparation of the foal’s arrival, we think we will have one born in the next week and the rest will start to come the following week.

23rd April

Foal 2. born at 12.30am Sandbeck Tinkerbelle a Bay & White Filly by Shazan Brandysnap out of Frobridge Spangle. (Update Tinkerbelle has been renamed Minnie Mouse and been purchased by somebody in America. she will travel once she has been weaned.

27th April

Foal 3. born at 10.30am in the driving rain out in the paddock, Sandbeck Pinocchio a black colt with white star, by Edern Pibydd Y Treath out of Selspen Starlite. Pinocchio has struggled to latch on to mum and we have needed to feed him by hand (Update) 23.00 he has finally managed to do it. we are so proud of him :)

30th April

10.00pm - feel like something will come tonight, we have a couple of uncomfortable mares and many that look like they are ready to burst. (Update) Well we didn’t have to wait long. two foals born see below :)

1st May

Foal 4. born at 12.15am - Sandbeck Little Hercules a spotted colt by RainbowsEnd Cream Whorl out of Blacky. beautiful spotted pony.

Foal 5. born at 5.00am - Sandbeck Tiger Lily a Tri Coloured filly by Sandbeck Bullseye out of Sweetpea (pictures to follow)

2nd May

Foal 6. born at 3.30am - Sandbeck Mowgli a brown colt by Butterstor Eccles out of Mill of Towie Becky.

We have been receiving lots of lovely messages from people that have bought mares in foal from us and have had their foals arrive. it’s so heart-warming to hear of this news and of their safe arrival. makes our job so worthwhile and rewarding :)

6th May

Foal 7. born at 10.20pm - Sandbeck Pluto a black colt by RainbowEnds Cream Whirl out of Ebony.

7th May

Foal 8. born at 10.30pm - Sandbeck Simba a Bay colt out of Nettleslack Golden Jubilea. Sadly, Lulu the mare struggled foaling and needed assistances, after a good 20 minutes we managed to get him out. he was sadly born not breathing and needed to be given mouth to mouth. he started to breathe but is very week. Mum also retained to placenta so needed to be treated. (Update) Simba is now suckling and mare has past her placenta. fingers crossed he will get stronger in the next few days. Sadly Little Simba look a turn for the worst and passed away in his sleep. So Sad :(

8th May

Foal 9. born at 4.40am - Sandbeck Pongo a Piebald colt, by Littlegrie Trotter out of Swarthull Lila. a great looking foal.

10th May

Foal 10. born at 1.50am - Sandbeck Pocahontas a Bay filly, by Littlegrie Trotter out of Brygarth Penny. This foal is the full sister of Sandbeck Ava born last year but looks very different.

11th May

Foal 11. born at 12.30pm - Sandbeck Bagheera a Black colt, by Cochise Romeo out of Twinkle Little Star. He was born in the paddock this afternoon we really thought they would have produced a broken coloured foal.

Thank you to everybody that has sent messages over, we really do appreciate the support in knowing you guys are loving the foaling news. thank you for all your wishes and this is why we love our job, it’s so rewarding to hear such great feedback and we are just humbled by the very kind words on what we are doing. xxxx thank you xxxx

13th May

Saturday afternoon and had many visitors today, the girls are stood at the paddock gate waiting to come into maternity already. but too early yet. we should have something born tonight fingers crossed,

I know there a lot of you following the news this year. As you have seen the foals are selling quickly and thank you to everybody that has purchased one, they are all doing very well and enjoying being in the larger paddock. we have 12 yet to foal, three being Falabella which will come slightly later in the month. very excited to see what comes next. we have a pony called Elsa and whilst she’s been with us for several years, this will be her first foal, she has been pretending for the last five nights she is ready but nothing yet!!. guaranteed to be beautiful. (Watch this space)

Foal 12. born at 11.45pm - Sandbeck Anastasia a Appaloosa filly, by Rainbowsend Cream Whirl out of Jess, a lovely little filly foal.

14th May

Foal 13. born at 10.45am - Sandbeck Orlaf a Tri Coloured colt, by Castle Ritchie out of Sandbeck Elsa. A very handsome boy and great markings.

18th May

It's very quiet in the maternity wing, we are full but they are all enjoying being in out of the rain and dont want to foal just yet. still watching throughout the night just in case...

23rd May

Still no sign of anymore foals yet, fingers crossed it wont be too long now.

24th May

Foal 14. Finally we have our 14th foal, a stunning Falabella horse, Bay Tobiano by Limelights Blue Bayou, out of Draenen Ddu Marine.

27th May

Foal 15. arrived safely a very unusally marked Falabella horse, Black Tobiano by Limelights Blue Bayou, out of Des Pres Pandora.

1st June

Foal 16. at 11.40pm - Sandbeck Aladdin a black colt, by Limelights Blue Bayou out of Majella's Wild Blue Enya. A very handsome boy and sold at birth.

6th June

Foal 17. at 9.45pm - Sandbeck Tinkerbelle a piebald filly, by Littlegrie Trotter, out of Morjoy Thumbalina. a tiny pretty filly, sold at birth.

8th June

Foal 18. unknown time - Sandbeck Elegance a Black Pinto falabella filly, By Limelights Blue Bayou, out of Toy Horse Bold Diva II. The Dam was tested negative in foal so wasnt being watched by CCTV, to our supprise we discovered the foal on Saturday Morning, she is now the only foal available for sale.

9th June

Foal 19. at 8.40pm - Sandbeck Beauty a black filly, by Garnet Hercules, out of Pontop Janes Gem. a big foal.

Foal 20. at 1.30am - Sandbeck Prince Charming a black colt, by  Limelights Blue Bayou, out of Mayback Pippin a Falabella Blend.

17 july

Foal 21. Wow what a wait!! 1.45am Sandbeck Buzz a lovely little Piebald colt, by Butterstor Eccles, out of Top Rock Jemima.

13 September

Foal 23. Worth the wait!! 12.45pm Sandbeck Jasmine a stunningly beautiful skewbald filly, by Hillendale Jasper, out of Frobridge Sue.


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